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For Speakers

Poster Instructions

A partition will be assigned to poster presenters, with dimensions 8 ft tall by 4 ft wide (2.44 m by 1.22 m). Poster presenters will prepare a 4 ft by 4 ft (1.22 m by 1.22 m) to be displayed on the set-up partitions. Any two-dimensional format that fits within a 4 ft by 4 ft space is acceptable. For example, most posters are prepared as one, large sheet and usually brought to the conference rolled up in a tube. Poster presenters are responsible for printing their own poster – T&DI will not have facilities to print your poster. Push pins will be supplied for you to secure your poster to the partition. Viewers should be able to read your poster from a 3 ft (1 m) distance. A minimum font size of 20 points is recommended (larger is better). Remember that this should apply to your graphics as well, including graph legends and scales. Do not bring a copy of your proceedings paper as your poster.

Important Notes:

  1. The poster boards will be set up for your use starting at 1 p.m. on Sunday, July 21. Please make sure to place/install your poster as soon as possible as the poster hall will be open to all attendees starting with the Icebreaker Reception at 6 p.m. on Sunday, July 21.
  2. Partitions will be labeled by technical topic. Please place your poster in the appropriate section.
  3. Conference attendees will be viewing the posters throughout the conference. You may attach your business card or provide your contact information on the poster so they can contact you for further information, arrange to meet with you at the conference, or send you any questions.
  4. A poster session will be held on Monday, July 22, from 5:15 – 6:00 p.m. for conference attendees. You will be expected to be at your poster during this period to field any questions and discussions.
  5. All posters must be removed by Tuesday, July 23, at 3:30 p.m. Any posters that are not removed by this time will be disposed of.
  6. A sample poster layout is attached for your consideration. This attached layout is an example for guidance only. You have the flexibility to use a layout of your choice as long as it meets the dimension and font-size requirements listed above.



Submission Topics

  • Recent Techniques for Airfield and Highway Pavement Construction, Maintenance and Rehabilitation
  • Advanced Modeling, and Analysis, and Evaluation of Airfield and Highway Pavements
  • Testing and Characterization of Asphalt, Concrete and Aggregate Bound and Unbound Pavement Layer Materials
  • Innovative Methods on Highway and Airfield Pavement Design, Analysis and Evaluation
  • Paving Material Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  • Pavement Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment
  • Pavement Asset Management and Sustainability
  • Pavement Rehabilitation and Preservation Techniques and Case Studies
  • Pavement Monitoring, Evaluation, and Nondestructive Testing
  • Pavement Interlayer Materials and Other Geo‐engineering Transportation Engineering Materials
  • Pavement instrumentation and Accelerated Loading Testing
  • Case Studies of Interesting Special Airfield and Highway Paving Projects
  • Role of Pavement Infrastructure and the Expected Challenges and Opportunities in the Age of in the Autonomous‐Connected Vehicles Era

General Notes and Requirements for Submissions

  • Abstract submissions will be reviewed for decisions on acceptance. The Conference Steering Committee reserves the right to remove abstracts from a full session on technical grounds and/or add other submitted abstracts that are a better fit for the session. Presentations will be selected from the open call as well as by special invitation.
  • Any papers associated with the submissions will be included in conference proceedings upon meeting the requirements for final approval, including compliance with the ASCE Paper Formatting Guidelines and a length of 8 to 12 pages.
  • A maximum of two submissions per podium presentation and a maximum two submission per poster will be accepted.
  • If your submission is accepted for podium presentation or poster display, at least one member of your submission group will be required to register for the Conference by the Speaker Registration Deadline of , and will be required to make a PowerPoint presentation (if approved for podium presentation) or display your poster (if approved for poster display) in your approved and assigned session. Registration by the speaker registration deadline is also a mandatory requirement for inclusion of a paper in the conference proceedings, if submitted and approved.
  • Allowable file type is MS Word. PDFs are not allowed.
  • ASCE does not reimburse or pay the presenter's costs to attend the conference.


Proceedings will be published to document this conference. Authors of accepted abstracts under the paper category are required to submit an 8 to 12-page final paper for inclusion in the proceedings. The proceedings will be published and copyrighted by ASCE. It is the author’s responsibility to obtain any necessary permissions or approvals from employers, project owners, or clients prior to submission of the final paper for publication. Material included in your submission from previously published sources, including online sources, may require permission from the copyright holder of that publication or website. It is the author’s responsibility to obtain the permission for reuse of this material and to include the appropriate credit information in the paper.

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